The trailer features footage from a number of projects both already made and upcoming. Here is a list of what is shown and where it is from:

-Komodo Dragon, Island of Rinca, Indonesia

-Frilled Lizard, Darwin, Australia

-New Zealand Fur Seal with snow on mountains, Kaikoura New Zealand

-Komodo Dragon

-Hawksbill Turtle, Komodo, Indonesia

-Dolphins, Darwin, Australia

-Sunset, Dundee Beach, NT, Australia

-Spinifex Hopping Mouse, Yualara, NT, Australia

-Lightning, Banka Banka station, then Katherine, NT, Australia

-Stars over the Daly River, NT, Australia

-Lotus bed, Corrobboree Billabong, NT, Australia

-Thorny Devil or Moloch, Ti Tree, NT, Australia

-Weedy Seadragon, Flinders, Victoria, Australia

-Merton’s Water Monitor, Darwin, Australia

-Archerfish, Darwin, Australia

-Nathan Litjens with Komodo Dragon

-Looking for Sea Dragons

-Clown Anemone fish, Komodo, Indonesia

-School of Surgeon Fish, Komodo, Indonesia

-Blue Finned Trevally, Komodo, Indonesia

-Squid, Indonesia

-Bearded Dragon, Alice Springs, Australia

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