Under Cold Southern Seas


 Filmed on Sony HDR-XR550VE

This video was filmed back in September 2010 to test out the new housing for my Sony HDRXR-550VE and hopefully film a few Sea Dragons as well. Being accustomed to the warm waters of the Northern Territory, I had nothing but difficulty adjusting to the seemingly freezing 15 degree water. The night dive was done solo with my brother Andrew on the nearby Dromana Jetty in case I ran into any trouble. Other than the incredibly cold water that gave me a painful headache and made my hands numb, the only potential problem was, as I entered the water I nearly face-planted into a stingray. I would have stayed in to try and film the elusive Dumpling Squid and Cannibalistic Octopus which I had seen there before, but the water was so cold the danger of hypothermia was very real and I’m sure it would have only taken another five minutes in the water for it to take effect- even with my full body wetsuit. As this trip was experimental in many ways it took a few dives to figure out the weighting of my camera and housing and stabilize it enough to get good, shake free footage. The turbulence was also a big issue and I was limited to breath-hold diving. So there were a few technical issues that were eventually ironed out but I am pleased with the results. Send us your comments.

-Nathan Litjens

  LED Lenser Frogman is an excellent dive torch that has proven itself as a great underwater spotlight.





2 comments on “Under Cold Southern Seas

  1. Pam Jones on said:

    Hi Nathan, I was on your 5 day way outback Safari 4th to 12th Oct. had a great time, especially enjoyed our conversations. Anyway just watched a couple of your short films, Borneo, and underwater at Dromana, never new there were so many critters down there! Good luck on your Travels. I’ll try and keep up wth your new adventures.

    • Hi Pam,

      Glad you lot had a great time! I need to try and keep up with my own adventures. Waaaay too busy right now with the safaris pretty much non stop plus a backlog of images and videos to do. Good news is the short film on the Kimberley is almost done. I’ll put a link to it when it is ready.


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