Mysterious Marine Snakes

Mysterious Marine Snakes

Part 1 is a glimpse into the lives of an unusual snake living in the shallows in the seas of Northern Australia and Southeast Asia, east to the West Pacific.

In part 2, Phil Lewis and I head to tropical Borneo, to an island off the tip to spend the night studying the amphibious Yellow Lipped Sea Kraits (Laticauda colubrina)

The file snakes were found in Sanur Beach, Bali. I just happened to notice one out the corner of my eye, which caused me to go looking for loads more – and I found them. They were everywhere. I took great delight in catching them in the shallows near the beach. The hotel managers hated me with a passion. Did I care? NO! Facts are facts, there are snakes here! Locals are deathly scared of the file snakes which is probably the only thing keeping them alive. Oddly enough, many local fishermen are totally unaware of these snakes despite their abundance. File snakes are safe to handle, and rarely if ever bite. I have held many individuals of both Arafuran and Little, and only one has ever retaliated. However, unlike the sea kraits they have no venom and are totally harmless to humans unless you choke on one, which is possible as they are highly valued as food to Indigenous Australians from the north.

-Nathan Litjens

For the story behind the sea krait expedition, go here

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