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Sabah’s vanishing lowland jungles

Phil Lewis and Nathan Litjens explore Sabah’s endangered lowland rainforest. Hint: We got Orangutans!

Into the Borneo jungle at night

Phil Lewis and Nathan Litjens explore Sabah’s mid altitude forest after dark.

Into the Bornean jungle

In this series I spend three days alone in the jungle in north Borneo. See what I find…

In search of Dragons

In the east of Indonesia lies a group of islands that are home to the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo Dragon. It’s an awe-inspiring creature with a fearsome reputation. But how fearsome are they really? I get left on a beach alone to find out.

Organic Anton

Leaving the wildlife side of things for a moment here, I made a video about a fascinating project in Gangga, Lombok, Indonesia. Headed up by a man known as Anton, it is all about pesticide free farming, making local handicrafts, jungle treks, and soon accommodation. Watch the video and meet Anton.

The streams of Borneo part 1

A bright iridescent damselfly that loves the sunshine, fish that feed by scraping the surface of rocks with suction mouths and a frog that has a bizarre solution to the deafening rush of water are all contained in the first part of the Streams of Borneo.

On Desert’s Edge

Colour changing dragons, a deadly snake, thorny devils and a giant skink with a blue tongue are some of the animals you’ll meet on the edge of the Northern Territory’s deserts.

On Desert’s Edge part 2

Things change as the rains come. Weird creatures emerge from underground or hatch from dried eggs in the dust. But this paradise lasts only a short time as the dry conditions resume their grip on the land.

Time Lapse Tutorial

Ever wondered how they make movies of lightning storms boiling and racing across the sky, perfect sunsets, weather changing and other time lapse video? Look no further as this video covers the basics of time lapse, especially how to set up your camera. Anyone can do it. By Nathan Litjens

Miniature Predators of Victorian Forests part I

In the far south of Victoria, in Southeastern Australia there are some very unlikely predators in the leaf litter and creek banks. This short film explores three of them. By Nathan Litjens

Under Cold Southern Seas part I

Beneath the waves of Northern Bass Strait a host of fascinating animals go about their daily lives. This film introduces you to some of them. By Nathan Litjens

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