This guy is an idiot, right?

Before going on, check this video out:

Seriously, would you do something as silly as that? I mean, this is a dangerous killing machine that can out run a human at any time on land.

Well, sorry to upset you all, but that “idiot” is yours truly! I have been called all sorts of things for this stunt from crazy or stupid to funny and brave. In my experience the best quote would be:

“The only difference between brave and stupid is the outcome” – unknown

And I firmly believe that nobody should ever be protected from the outcomes of their own stupidity.

Was this a stupid act? Not at all. I know some people would rather sit in their arm chairs and pass judgement on this video, probably having never even seen a real crocodile in the wild.

I’m NOT suggesting you try this yourselves of course (and don’t), but…

  • Crocodiles, especially the bigger, more dangerous ones are rather slow and ungainly once out of the water. Unless you are particularly slow yourself, you should have no trouble outrunning one. This is the very reason Steve Irwin survived his crocodile encounters, as did his kids in that famous video.
  • Being within the strike range of the animal is a very bad idea. Although very close (enough to reach out and touch its tail) I was not within reach of the head.
  • This animal was big enough to cause serious damage if it had been ready for me, but I was hidden above the embankment.

Unlike “planking” this is not just a mindless stunt (although it looks that way!). I have actually done it several times with much bigger crocodiles, this one happened to be caught on camera. And crocodiles are nothing new to me, if you know me you would know I worked with them in the wild for nearly four years, so I had plenty of time to gain knowledge. Now you know the facts, so don’t imitate!

And to finish off, I had a particularly bad case of sunburn on my mouth hence the zinc cream if you were wondering. It’s not some weird clown makeup!

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