The great southeastern road trip – Onwards to central Victoria

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Well Phil Lewis and myself (Nathan Litjens) here head off to central Victoria to a town at the base of the mountains. Eildon has a heap of family history for me, and unfortunately the footage of the town taken on the GoPro corrupted (the Hero 4 when it comes had better be a real improvement in terms of reliability…) Anyway we did find what we wanted, on a very well worn path no more than 100m from the major road were a bunch of spotted tree frogs (Litoria spenceri) who have rarely been recorded, but we took it a step further with some video of one calling! Maybe for the first time ever?
We were very careful with how we went about things, with hygiene practices in place. Getting the frogs in situ as they were naturally was very important as disturbing them would have meant no recordings. Also we made sure our boots were sterile. However this is a place heavily used by fishermen and trail riders/walkers all of which may not be going to the lengths we did. So kick back and enjoy!

The first one was found sitting on a rock stream side. Seemed to be a sub adult as it was quite small.

This one was found sitting on this branch calling. Most males of this species call from behind debris.

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