The awesome Watagans

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The Watagans forest is a mix of state forest and national park in the hills of central NSW. It’s a plot of ancient rainforest and is home to a massive variety of frogs and other rainforest life.

The black soled frog is a cannibal. The tadpoles eat each other until the strongest can morph into frogs.

The tusked frog is unusual. Males have large sharp tusks in the lower jaw. Other unusual features include the fact males are much larger than females.

The red backed toadlet lives in the damp leaf litter of the forest edges.

One of the largest and most spectacular ground frog is the giant barred frog.

The most adaptable of the barred frogs is the great barred frog. It can breed in many water sources from creeks to dams.

The revealed frog has a weird whirring call, hence the alternative name of whirring tree frog. Males turn yellow at night to make them easier for females to see in the moonlight.

One of the most beautiful of all tree frogs is the lemon or Blue Mountains tree frog. Males make a strange call consisting of a harsh croak followed by a sound rather like a golf ball going down a hole.

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