When interesting snippets of information are found that don’t quite fit into our documentaries we write about them here, whether they be an unusual plant, animal or habitat or a different view on something familiar.

The awesome Nepenthes

Eating anything from tiny insects right up to mice and providing a home for a variety of animals. You’d hardly believe this was a plant! By Nathan Litjens

Meet the bowerbirds

Piracy, dirty tactics and a love of treasure are what the bowerbirds of Australia and New Guinea are all about. Meet them here. By Nathan Litjens

Playing with pit vipers

Perhaps the most finely tuned of all reptiles when it comes to finding food, killing it and hiding, pit vipers have some remarkable abilities. By Nathan Litjens

Spineless, Brainless, Soft-bodied, deadly!

A look into the weird world of cubozoids, and a jellyfish that looks like half an orange. See it here: Article by Nathan Litjens

 The Wonderful World of Rafflesia

In South East Asia there are a number of flower species that look and smell like rotting meat- and grow to enormous sizes. What are they? Article by Nathan Litjens

Of things that glow in the night

Some things in nature glow in the dark. This article explores some of them. Article by Nathan Litjens.

 Streams of Sabah – a photographic essay

Come on a journey to look into the streams of the mountains of western Sabah, Borneo… Article by Nathan Litjens

Two Nights in Sydney’s Outer Region

Heading out to visit relatives in Sydney, some interesting frogs, reptiles and a mammal were encountered. Read about them and hear their sounds. Article by Nathan Litjens.

The Goby from Hell and a new frog… perhaps.

A strange frog call and the accidental hooking of a fearsome, eyeless fish opened up a Pandora’s box of questions. Maybe we have some new species. Article by Nathan Litjens

Other edge of the desert life of the NT

See reptile life found on the edge of the desert region in the middle of the Territory. Learn a little about their lives… Article by Nathan Litjens

Portraits of the little things

Macro photography is a wonderful tool for sharing information about the lives of many small animals found around the globe. Make your pictures better…  by Nathan Litjens

The Bi-Athletic Ant

A strange ant that lived along the banks of a tidal North Queensland river caught my attention, as nests were built in strange areas. Article by Nathan Litjens. Find out more…

Ant Mimicking bugs suck!

Nature is full of tricks and impostors. The Green Tree Ant of tropical Australia has many imitators. Find out about one of them. by Nathan Litjens

Into the red center part II – Surviving the Dry

There are unlikely animals that have some remarkable strategies to overcome the hot, dusty climate that is normally their home. Find out here…  Article by Nathan Litjens


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