Photographing fish of the NT

Well, as per usual I have been extremely busy, this time working at photographing some of the fish found in Australia’s Northern Territory. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:


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One comment on “Photographing fish of the NT

  1. Chris Goatley on said:

    Hi Nathan,
    I work at James Cook University in Townsville and am involved in writing a book chapter about the evolution of coral reef fishes. We have images of fossils from Italy that are 50 million years old, and one is a juvenile scat which is remarkably similar to the picture you have on this page (“little spotted scat”), even down to the angle of the shot and the stripes on the fish.
    We were hoping you would give us permission to use this image in the book chapter to highlight that some fishes had very similar ancestors swimming around 50 million years ago. We would acknowledge you as the photographer.
    If this is OK I can use the image off the website, but if you have a higher quality one I would really appreciate you sending it so we can make a better figure (If you want to see the image of the fossil, just send me an e-mail and I will send it across).

    Chris Goatley
    Laboratory Manager,
    Reef Fish Research Lab,
    James Cook University,

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