Off to the Blue Mountains

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Time was up for Victoria, and after saying goodbye to the local parrots we headed out of the campsite and onwards to the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney. At my Aunt Rhonda’s place there is a healthy population of Red Crowned Toadlets (Pseudophryne australis) which breed in soaks in the sandstone in the forests. These frogs are a step further away from relying on water to breed, laying eggs in leaf litter to develop. Later, flooding rains cause the eggs to hatch and the young continue as tadpoles in the water.

As you may be aware after watching this, we did manage to film (with no small difficulty) males calling by day! The search for black snakes however was no so successful. We had to leave after that and race out to the next spot. In the future documentary we hope to shed light on this fascinating species.

The red crowned toadlet

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