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Welcome to Here we have a series of files free for download and use.* There are desktop backgrounds and a selection of sound files for your phones or tablets.


Want to have a gibbon notify you of an incoming message or a tooth billed bowerbird awake you in the morning? Look no further as we have made all of this possible with free ringtones and message alerts from the wilds of Australia and Asia. Downloading instructions will vary from device to device so consult your manual for advice. They are all in WMA format which works on most devices. Apple users need to put these files through iTunes to make them work.

The red crowned broodfrog is endemic to the area of sandstone around Sydney, Australia. It lives around small creeks and soaks and has a rasping call.
Message alert – red crowned broodfrog
The cinnamon or painted tree frog of Borneo has a pleasing musical call. It breeds in rainforest in water collected in tree hollows.
Ringtone – Painted frog ringtone
In Northern Australia, the wetlands are alive with the marbled marshfrog very wet season. The call is a pleasant beeping.
Ringtone – Marsh frogs ringtone
It’s hard to believe that these cricket-like calls actually come from a frog! The slender litter frogs of Borneo are found in and around rocky streams in the forest.
Ringtone – Litter frog ringtone
The start of the wet season in Australia’s Northern Territory brings out a multitude of insects. The Katydid is like a grasshopper.
Ringtone – katydid ringtone
In the jungles of Borneo, gibbons (an ape) swing through the trees and family groups compete with each other by song.
Message alert – gibbons 2, gibbons 1
Ringtone – gibbons ringtone 2
Central Australia’s deserts come to life after rain with these burrowing frogs – (Cyclorana cultripes)
Message alert – cultripes
Cicadas call in earnest late in the afternoon, signalling the end of another day in the Bornean jungle. A great alarm!
Alarm/Ringtone – borneo cicada alarm
Deep in the peat swamps of the Borneo lowlands, the frog Hylarana baramica calls with a persistent clucking
Message alert – baramica
Several species of banjo frog exist in Australia. This is the single “bop” call of the Eastern species.
Message alert – Banjo frog
The genus Ansonia is a group of small toads that live in the trees and low vegetation around mountain streams in Borneo. This is the call of the long fingered variety, A. longidigita.
Message alert - ansonia
The Watjulum frog has the most complex of all Australian frog calls. This is a section of it.
Ringtone – Watjulum frog
The tiny little treehole frog (Metaphrynella sundana) is endemic to Borneo. Males select territories inside tree holes and call to females.
Message alert – treehole frog
The robust frog is found only in the higher elevation forests of North Queensland, Australia. Its call adds character to rainy nights.
Message alert – robust frog
The tooth billed bowerbird looks rather plain, and unlike other bowerbirds does not make an elaborate structure to attract females. Instead he clears out a patch of forest floor and decorates it with green leaves, singing a very complex call to compete with his rivals.
Message alert – tooth billed 1, tooth billed 2, tooth billed 3, tooth billed 4, tooth billed 5
Ringtone (also a great alarm!) – tooth billed ringtone

Desktop backgrounds

Want to liven up you computer desktop or phone home page? These 1200×800 backgrounds will do just that. Downloading methods will vary according to operating system and device. Please consult your manual if you have problems.

*Disclaimer: Although all files (images and sound files) have been checked for malware and viruses, no warranty of any kind is implied or offered by or its contributors. Suitability is not guaranteed for computers or other devices. These image and sound files are free of charge for non commercial use. To ask about commercial use please contact us via the contact page. Thankyou.

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