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Here at we are constantly embarking on adventures to bring you the latest and greatest in information about the natural world.  During our travels we sometimes write about the things we see and do as an addition to our films. So sit back, relax and enjoy some of our adventures…

Random travel stories [text only]

Sometimes we find ourselves in strange places, battling tropical disease or having to cope with the totally unexpected. These are some of those moments…

Adventure on Snake Island

Off the tip of Borneo is an island lapped by the South China Sea. Strange visitors leave the water to spend the night on land.

Into the heart of the Danum

In Sabah, Borneo, there is an untouched valley with all kinds of wildlife. Read about a weekend there. Article by Nathan Litjens.

The Top of Papua

The story of seeing the roof of Indonesian Papua. Read more… Article by Nathan Litjens

Into the red center part I – Geckoes and Dragons

Central Australia is full of surprises. Learn more… Article by Nathan Litjens

Herping with Phil

It’s amazing what you can find at night on NT roads. Read more… By Nathan Litjens

An encounter with the Kamoro

While in Papua, we had the chance to live for a couple of days with the Kamoro. This is an insight into their lives…  by Nathan Litjens

In search of Dragons

The Komodo Dragon continues to inspire awe and fascination with the visitors that come to see them. Read more. By Nathan Litjens

Journey through Wallacea

Wallacea is the divide between east and west Indoneisa. Read more… By Nathan Litjens


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