Nathan Litjens

Nathan Litjens


My name is Nathan Litjens and I chose to live a different life.

I have never had much money, always living week to week, which is sometimes the cost for doing what you want. I could have worked a job I hated for more money- in fact I have done that and it was awful.

I have always been interested in the natural world, photographing practically anything and more recently pointing the video camera at all things wildlife.

It’s been a tough journey, but a rewarding one. I am fortunate to be alive, in fact more times than I can count- I’ve gone past the nine lives for sure. I’ve gone head to head with some of the most dangerous creatures the world knows, handled some of the most venemous snakes, survived malaria once and the infamous dengue fever twice as well as coming incredibly close to many potential fatal accidents and situations and even taken a holiday in dangerous zone teetering on civil war.

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 So I set up this site to showcase what the world out there has to offer as I move towards getting into the media industry- which is my ultimate goal. In the future I intend to be presenting and producing world class documentaries, and I’ll admit there is more to be done but I haven’t come this far and given up other opportunities for nothing.

With a Pignose Turtle on the Daly Turtle Project

Hanging out with a bunch of Komodo Dragons

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