Welcome to runwildtv.com and this page on what this site is all about. We travel anywhere we can afford to, so we can bring pictures and videos of weird, wild and exotic places right to you at home or wherever you happen to be. At the moment we use whatever technology we can get our hands on, and of course as things progress we can up the ante a bit more,  sticking to our vision:

“To act as a platform to entertain and educate about wildlife”

The site was started by Nathan Litjens to fulfill these goals, to assist with conservation and to include others in the picture.

You will find on this site a number of articles in text only format, plus small features on various topics known as “snippets“. Yes, there are videos here too! They can easily be found under the “Documentaries” section and feature topics from organic farming through to deserts, forests and under the sea.


Nathan Litjens

Phil Lewis

So thankyou for taking the time to look at this site, please let us know what you think through the contact page, we appreciate all honest feedback.

- The team at RunWildTv.com

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